Areas of Practice


Attorney Vin DiMonte has litigated cases in the Rhode Island Family Court for more than 31 years. Do you want to move from the emotion and psychological trauma of divorce and separation to “peace of mind?” Attorney Vin DiMonte can assist you to create appropriate reasonable, rational and financial solutions. Do you need to establish values for assets (e.g. real estate, pensions, and bank accounts) as well as a spouse’s contributions as a homemaker? Attorney Vin DiMonte will develop a plan to include all assets and non-financial contributions of a spouse as well.


Sole custody v. joint custody; physical placement v. shared placement: what are the appropriate arrangements for your child(ren) in your case? Are there issues of physical or emotional abuse, drug or alcohol abuse in your case? Is there a need for a guardian for your child(ren) so that someone will represent “the best interest of the child(ren)?” Is there a need for a mental health therapist to testify or to require a Family Court home study? Attorney Vin DiMonte is experienced in crafting solutions to these difficult issues.


What is appropriate visitation so that you can maintain a loving relationship with your child or children while the case is pending, and after final orders are entered? Attorney Vin DiMonte can cooperate to create a plan so that the least disruption will occur in the lives of all concerned.

Child Support

What is the appropriate amount of child support to be paid in your case? What does child support include and what does it exclude? How is the cost of child care computed and how is it factored as part of child support, or should it be kept separate in your case? What if you or your spouse pay for medical insurance which covers the family? How is that factored into the computation of child support?

Valuation and Division of Assets

How are assets valued? Attorney DiMonte has been involved in valuing all types of assets in 31 years of Family Court litigation: real estate; country clubs; defined benefit and defined contribution plans; 401(k) plans; mutual funds; stock options and even airplane mileage. What experts are necessary for your case? What is the appropriate value of a spouse’s “contribution as a homemaker?” What is the appropriate “division of assets” in your case? What Court orders are necessary to protect each spouse’s share of retirement benefits or pension plans?

Prior Order Modifications

What is the standard for review to change or modify prior orders of custody, visitation and child support? If one party loses the income from their employment, what should they do? What if one party wishes to ask for an increase in child support, how can they feel confident that they will be successful? How does an increase in age or wisdom of a child, or the child’s wishes, affect whether to file for a modification of prior orders of custody or visitation? Attorney DiMonte’s extensive experience of 31 years in Family Court can assist you when you need to consider filing for a modification of prior orders.

Pre-Nuptial Agreements

How does each party protect assets of a prior marriage when they wish to marry again? It is essential that each party separate pre-owned assets so that they do not become assets of the new marriage. Attorney DiMonte has negotiated pre-nuptial agreements which keep pre-owned assets separate after a new marriage.